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Glad you gave it a chance! If you haven't listened to Action and What's This yet you need to give them a chance as well (unfortunately though they were just pulled off of the American iTunes so you may have to import them). They're so good. Action is Polysics finally getting their crap together again, and then What's This is one of the most original and brilliant punk albums I've ever heard. It's overwhelming at first, but on repeated listens you realize how catchy and brilliantly structured the songs are. One of the things that surprised me about That's Fantastic is how it's easily the most accessible they've been since Now is the Time. The first three songs are crazy and feel like a continuation of What's This, but after that they really dialed back the insanity. Every song is just so strong. Rumba Rumba is easily their best pop song since Electric Surfin' Go Go. And yeah, Shut Up Baby is amazing. Polysics is firmly in a second prime right now smile


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This album is aptly titled! It's so good. They're on what has to be the best three-album stretch of the their career right now with Action-What's This-That's Fantastic, which is so awesome to see.


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New fan of the band here! I discovered them around August of last year and have been obsessed ever since. I was disappointed when I found this forum that it was all but dead, it's hard to find any discussion of this band, in English anyway lol.

I was under the impression at first that Replay! would just be live recordings, but new versions is a lot more exciting. They're in a really cool place sound-wise right now, so I'm looking forward to hearing the new takes. The only disappointing thing though is I wish they'd chosen less songs from the Karate House-We Ate the Machine-Absolute Polysics! era (though on second thought the early songs are so perfect I'm not sure I'd want new versions). I hope they put it on iTunes.