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Holy flaming cow that is an awesome cover. I have also been a bad Polyfan, Action!!! was the last thing I bought but the last one I really liked was Oh! No! It's Heavy Polysick!!!

Could you post a pic of the kaiju? I'm intrigued.


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Not sure why We Are The Physics split, especially as they'd not long released their second album (the rather splendid "Your Friend, the Atom"). They still post from time to time on their Facebook page and recently reformed to play one final gig at Unorthodox Paradox, a festival staged - annoyingly - in the middle of nowhere (or Cumbria, same thing). That's happening on 23rd May but I believe tickets have already sold out.

Shame about SCV too, I loved the retro 5.25" floppy packaging their EPs came in. I guess it's hard to make a living in these days of austerity and everyone wanting everything for free, and if you're not playing covers or landfill-(insert popular genre here) it can be a pretty marginal existence.


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Well, it had to happen eventually - Polysics are now only my second favourite Japanese band.

I saw Buffalo Daughter three times last weekend, twice at the Great Escape in Brighton Saturday and once in London the next day. I've been a fan for around ten years and they hadn't played the UK in all that time so my expectations were quite high but they just blew me away. Definitely my three best gigs of the year, possibly ever.

Guitar, bass/keys, drums and turntables/loops, girly vocals and the odd shout from the DJ, they had the lot. Call it electro-rock, post-rock, Krautrock, prog rock or just plain rock. It was trippy, dippy, hippy and hoppy and I fell in love with their distinctive sound all over again.

They have a new single on iTunes right now and a new album in the works so they said they'd try to visit the UK again soon - I really hope it's not going to be another 10-15 years.

Good to see Kayo's keeping her hand in!

Cibo Matto just toured with Buffalo Daughter supporting, now there's a show I really would have liked to see. Damn you, Atlantic ocean!


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Short answer: we didn't pay the bill. :-\


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Ahh check out my hamster face at the back there.

Funny that for such a technologically advanced nation the Japanese still seem to be using 0.3 megapixel cameras. Lucky for me in this instance.


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Set list (transcribed from a blurry photo taken at an angle so not sure about no. 7)

2 Buggie Technica
3 How are you?
4 Young OH! OH!
5 Sparkling Water
6 Lucky Star
7 ムチとホース (Whip and Horse?)
8 Raptus
9 Quiet Smith
10 Mega Over Drive
11 DNA Junction
12 I My Me Mine
13 Baby BIAS
14 Rocket
15 Everybody Say No
16 Kaja Kaja Goo
17 Coelakanth is Android
18 Weeeeeeeeee!!!

EN1 Let's ダバダバ
EN2 Electric Surfin Go Go

When did laminated set lists become a thing? A ploy to sell more merch, I'll bet. For shame ;o)


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Well, I'd say there's plenty of life in the old dog yet. Polysics are definitely a three piece and not a four piece with a missing member. Fumi has stepped up and taken on extra vocal duties where necessary and it just works. Hiro still has energy to spare, he was getting regular showers of bottled water from a stage hand so he didn't pass out from the heat (it was not as bad as The Garage Islington in '06 but still too warm for comfort).

Songs old and new came over well, great audience response, a proper long set (70 minutes!) and I high-fived Yano after the show. Who wants to touch my hand? ;o)

Good support too, especially from the Telephones who gave new meaning to the word 'disco'. Or at least repeated it a lot at very high volume.

The only small cloud to this silver lining was the photographer with a huge camera and even huger backpack who decided he was going to elbow me out of the way after I'd queued for an hour then stood at the front for more than two hours to get a good spot. I'm of the firm opinion that photogs who do that to paying punters should have their lightmeter forcibly installed internally.

Hate to end on a negative note so, also: kazoos! Zomg. *dies*


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We should all wear Coelacanth badges.


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Not sure there is an 'all' any more, but perhaps once the word spreads some more of us will come out of hibernation.


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www.songkick.com/concerts/17284254-poly … underworld

They used Kayo in the photo though, SONGKICK FAIL.


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So Katemonkey started this tumblr  - for all your lobe fish related needs.


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POLYSICS to Release Weeeeeeeeee!!! Across UK and Europe via JPU Records

Out 10th/14th June (UK/DE).

Preorder on Amazon UK, Amazon DE


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The missing tweet was something about the release including bonus material. I hope that's still the case.

With respect to distribution, record companies in general and Japanese ones in particular can be very strict about what is made available where. Just witness the (IMO petty and pointless) geographical restrictions placed on the Polysics Youtube channel.

ETA: Found this which gives a release date of 14th June, a catalogue number of SPD-JPU002 and the following track list:

1   Sparkling Water
2   Lucky Star
3   Distortion
4   Steam Pack
5   Ice Tights Mike
6   Why
7   Quiet Smith
8   Kitchen Ban Ban
9   Lightening Express
10 Raptus
11 High Kcal
12 Everybody Say No
13 Round The World
14 Weeeeeeeeee
15 No Control (Bonus Track)
16 Watson 2012 (Bonus Track)
17 Ki-ka-i-da 2012 (Bonus Track)

So according to this it's Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!111111111eleventyone with three extra tracks.


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Huh. Well, the original ones are still there.


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Whoops shouldn't post late at night. 550 it is! Well spotted.


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More details!

https://twitter.com/JPUrecords/status/3 … 6244126720



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Hello, and welcome to the board!

Fumi uses what I believe are Yamaha SBV 350 (CORRECTION - 550, thanks Mistabeen!) basses or has done every time I've seen Polysics in the UK.

Nottingham, September 2004:

Fumi with turquoise bass

London, September 2008:

Fumi with red bass

Fumi headstock with bonus Yano


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This tweet seems to say so. And they also say it's not an April Fool.

She's hardly changed in ten years - we should all age that well! I think it's more the hair and make-up. Her husband reminds me of (Father Ted creator) Graham Linehan though.


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Folks. I will only say this once: read the frickin' rules. No. Download. Links. Ever.


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I think I've reached the end of the road. It shouldn't be this hard to legally get hold of music by a band you love, and the Youtube block is just spiteful.

Sayonara, Polysics. I'm done. It was fun while it lasted.

ruthyruth wrote:

I keep coming back to the same question: why would a record company deliberately block the entire world from a promotion to sell a record?

Because they're c- whoops, almost had to ban myself there.