First off, Merry Christmas everyone smile

I truly underestimated this album. I heard the previews on it from itunes and was just not impressed, thinking "what is this? I think I'm gonna skip it." Just today it popped in my mind and I decided to first see the comments on it from here. Seeing you guys praising it made me think I must have missed something.....and yeah I did and I feel so bad. XD

Just finished listening to "Shut up Baby" and its blown me away. I think what stood out the most about it is how slowed down it is and the rhythm is so catchy. I've played it over and over again and I truly enjoy it.

I still got the other ones to listen to but so far, yes I am liking this. smile

Yeah, I saw this too. It is some rather big news. Was actually on my way to post about it as well. XD


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I also got the album and I wasn't too happy about it either. just got the songs though, didn't bother with the dvd release. All of the songs (In My opinion) were inferior to their originals. Every one.

what do you guys think of the new suits at least?


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First post of 2017.
Who is still here? haha.

Just found out not too long ago that Polysics is coming out with a new release this year to commemorate for their 20th anniversary. They're calling it "Replay!"

NEW ALBUM『Replay!』
1.Tune Up!
2.シーラカンス イズ アンドロイド 2017
3.Young OH! OH! 2017
4.Shout Aloud! 2017
5.Urge On!! 2017
6.Electric Surfin’ Go Go 2017
7.Digital Coffee 2017
8.Rocket 2017
9.カジャカジャグー 2017
10.MEGA OVER DRIVE (Live at Shinjuku ReNy 2016/10/13)
11.Let’s ダバダバ (Live at Shinjuku ReNy 2016/10/13)
12.Buggie Technica (Live at Shinjuku ReNy 2016/10/13)

『Replay! Live Side DVD』
1.Tune Up! (from COUNTDOWN JAPAN 16/17)
2.シーラカンス イズ アンドロイド(from Now is the live!)
3.Young OH! OH! (from BUDOKAN OR DIE!!!! 2010.3.14)
4.Shout Aloud! (from BUDOKAN OR DIE!!!! 2010.3.14)
5.Urge On!!(from DVDVPVDVLIVE!!)
6.Electric Surfin’ Go Go(from Now is the live!)
7.Digital Coffee(from We ate the show!!)
8.Rocket(from We ate the show!!)
9.カジャカジャグー(ハヤシ iMovie Edit)
10.MEGA OVER DRIVE(from What's This???)
11.Let’s ダバダバ(from MEMORIAL LIVE OR DIE!!! 祝1000本&15周年!!! 2012.03.03/04)
12.Buggie Technica (from LIVE AT newwave)

album cover is: … eplay/buy/

so by the looks of it, the album has one new track, eight rerecorded songs, and a couple of live performances.
the dvd includes live versions from past released dvd's of the same 12 songs.

personal opinion: When are they gonna get their own tribute album?! I'd love to hear other bands versions of Polysics songs. Also, not too excited for this release, I'm actually kind of afraid to hear the new version of Rocket.


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I got the album off of itunes and I feared that with a tracklist of about 19 that there were gonna be a lot of dead areas....but no...I was wrong....

This album is very impressive!!

Sun Electric is a great track to kick off this album.
Alps Run Run is quite funny and interesting at the same time. I really liked Dig Down!, Be a Human (which had a very alternative rock sound to it), Hurry Up (which actually has so much personality and rhythm to it, it reminds me of Code4 very much), Tempo Tempo Tempo is probably my favorite from this album because it's their most entertaining with how they change the tempo of the song.

This is really good stuff and I definitely recommend this album overall.


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No news on this album yet other than it's gonna be released March 2nd of this year!

Album cover also isn't available but on their website they show all three members flying in space on their synth keyboards. If that turns out to be their album cover, I'll still be quite satisfied with it.

I'm looking forward to what they have this time around. Like I said before: Hen Ai Let's Go 2 (the ultra monsters LP) was very satisfying, I'm still listening to it back to back. Action was also really good so I have high hopes that the direction they've been going will continue.

tell me if it works, because there are some shirts there that I really REALLY want!! X3


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I agree, probably their best material to come from the Post-Kayo era. Although I really liked Action and I recommend listening to it. Turbo Five is amazing! I also like Exclamation which comes from the Mega Overdrive single. Hen Ai Let's Go! is ok, only really liked one song on there, but THIS!! Every song on here is just amazing!! XD

Funny enough my favorite track is the 3rd one. The one where Hiro does a sort of robotic/techno song and you hear his voice being used repetitively throughout the song. It's so weird and out there that it's just so fascinating to listen to. My friends usually can't handle it and tell me to change the song. XD

I actually just heard this cover not too long ago, it's quite awesome! big_smile


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So this Ultra Monster is known as HEN 愛 LET’S GO! 2, which is a 2nd set of 7 tracks, which I'm not entirely sure, but seem to be inspired by these monsters on the cover?

So far I took the time to listen to the previews from the itunes store and these ones sound FAR more intense than the first one.

I'm not kidding, these songs sound very quirky, and could even compete with the quirkiness of their older material. It sounds amazing!!


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Thank you Taopriest for sharing the music video. Not sure what to think of Dr. Pepper, it kind of just feels all over the place, like "Round the World" and "Shout Aloud" got smashed together. Aside from that its not bad.

At one point, Taopriest also had the songs "GT(Great Tan-men)" & "I'm Hard Boiled" on his Tumblr, but I guess they had to get taken down due to copyrights. GT had a great funk style to it, though I can't really say I like the chanting during the chorus too much. Also another great tune.
Surprisingly "I'm Hard Boiled" is both cute and pretty awesome, its like a better version of "Digital Coffee". Personally, I like this one.

The rest of the tracks, I heard their previews on iTunes by switching to the Japanese version of iTunes. They all sound pretty interesting, DTMK is one that I'm really looking forward to the most though, its got a nice edge to it.

Overall, I'm looking forward to the album, hopefully it will be released soon in the US, I'll probably just download the album from  iTunes because I'm not in a position right now to just purchase the album from a website that will charge me extra for shipping.

Oh No It's Pok, Super Cute Voices, and pretty much any other Poly-influenced band out there (that isn't just a Polysics clone that plays all of Polysics' music like those that are appearing all over Japan) seemed to have gone on either an indefinite hiatus or split all together.

It's really unfortunate because it would have been so great to see many of these bands live. This movement sort of took place mostly during the late 2000's and I guess when 20009-10 hit (right around Polysics went on hiatus as well), that's when most of these bands began to throw in the towel.

Super Cute Voices' website no longer exists so I don't really know how to get in contact with them.
Oh No It's Pok sort of stopped updating their stuff, which is really unfortunate because they did have a couple TV appearances under their belt
Even bands that didn't directly take inspiration from Polysics but had a lot of similarities to them are no longer together:
Mutate Now! (more of a devo influenced band) hasn't really updated anything in a while and I think if they are STILL together, they're only a two piece band now
We are the Physics (were mentioned once by Polysics, which is how I heard of them) though recently put out a new song, are also calling it quits later this year.

I'm sure they all had their own reasons for stopping, but anyone know what happened to them? What are they doing now?
And if those people that are part of those bands still message here, if you would like to give some light on it too, that would be awesome.

image URL of the jacket because I forgot how to post the picture itself … -25078.jpg
Once again, the cover pays homage to Devo. Look what's behind the band members, its a golf ball! XD
also I noticed at the top left some cyclists, might be a Kraftwerk reference???


1. Dr Pepper!!!!!
2. Homo Sausager
3. GT (Great Tan-men)
4. DTMK未来
5. I'm Hard Boiled
6. ラスポテトメモリーズ
7. Ski Ski Die Ski(n)

Not sure what to say about these title tracks, only way to find out is listen to them XD

Via their Twitter, we got the tracklist and their new album cover!


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I got a new song I made called Blazin' Fire, hope you guys take a look at it, still no lyrics but the ending part has a lot of the Polysics flavor I've come to love.


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Yano's hair kind of bother's me, but overall, they look nice ^^


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Not sure if any of you guys noticed, but the Link to the English version of the Polysics website is currently down (hopefully temporarily).

HOWEVER, the new Japanese website is much more lively! Though I'll admit not as cool looking as the previous one, it does however show their feeds from their Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube along with their own news board.

By the looks of it, they are working on the English version for their website, which is good because that probably means we'll get all the update information and maybe even a little thing coming our way soon as well (I HOPE!!).

Either way, what do you guys think of the new website layout? Good, Bad, indifferent?

Wow, I hope this forum hasn't died yet. It's really unfortunate to see that there has been little activity in the past few months.

So first off, Happy New Years to everyone, and I wanted to discuss the new EP coming in March.

As of right now, we just got a title for one of the songs (possibly) and the date (3/25/15). In true Polysics fashion, if they release a new EP, that's probably all their gonna release until the new album comes along later on in the year.

So as things trickle in such as tracklists, possible PV's etc, lets discuss it here. smile


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Hey everyone, its been a while, I hope everyone is doing well! smile

I've been following Polysics on Twitter and they recently posted this news feed:

What's so cool about this is check out the playlist:
It's a 3 act structure with. The first one they played all their songs from 1st P/ADSRM, omitting 5 songs, most notable being the 2 songs Kayo was the lead singer. If you check out the photos, they are also in their original getup as well. Looks like they are following what Devo did a couple years back when they played all their songs from their first and third album!

2nd act, Polysics wore a new getup and by the looks of it, they played the songs that they covered, most notable being Social Fools, Wild One, and Seventh Heaven. Pretty cool stuff ^^

3rd act is Polysics in their current outfits as they played probably their most interesting playlist to date. There are a lot of songs I never thought they play again, for example songs like Raw and United. Ones that I'm happy to see them bring back and would love to hear in their newest sound is Code4, You-You-You, and Catch on Everywhere.

What do you guys think? I think we should get together, raise some money and go to Japan to see them live, or send them messages asking them to come back to the U.S. because I miss them very VERY much!!

Taopriest, I definitely agree.

I've heard this album from beginning to end like 3-4 times and I feel like I'm enjoying each song more and more. The ones that really stand out for me is of course Mega Overdrive, but also Hakken Dabutsu Takentai, New Melody, Sparky, How to be Good Boy, and Turbo Five. They've certainly come a long way from "How are You?"
My only surprise with this album is Fumi has no tracks that she sings on. Granted you can argue that some of the ones with the vocoder could be her voice, but I like to think that the vocoder is something separate from both Hiro and Fumi. Now this isn't a problem for me, its just very odd seeing that every previous album released has seen at least one track where someone like Kayo or Fumi as the lead singer. I personally believe New Melody actually would work better with Fumi as lead singer and not the vocoder.
That's the one problem I have with this, the overuse of the vocoder. It's cool and everything, but the one they use has sounded the exact same since Oh NO ITs Heavy Polysick with little to no change, I'm starting to get tired of it. They've changed how they use their computerized machines so its no longer just one loud bleeping instrument blaring, so I wonder when they'll change up the vocoder as well? That's really my only gripe with this album, other than that, I'll still give it a 4/5 as well, just because the songs themselves are still amazing irregardless. big_smile

I'm downloading the album from iTunes, I'm a little too eager to wait and pay extra for a real copy!! XD
Either way, I'm gonna listen to the album and see what my final verdict is big_smile

How exciting, I love how they described the album, hopefully it will be an amazing release big_smile


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haha yeah, I actually just recently killed my deviantart page, so I'll be sure to fix that.

Thanks for listening, I appreciate the feedback, this album I'm planning to do is a concept album so there will be no lyrics in any of the songs, instead the songs alone will speak for themselves. (that's what I'm going for, I'm not sure if I'll be able to achieve that.)

But if I continue to do work afterwards, maybe I can find a singer (and some other bandmates, right now just me doing all of this), simply because I can't sing haha


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Hello, I thought I might as well share some of the stuff I'm making. Polysics is a big inspiration for my music so I thought you guys might like to check out what I've got.

I go by the alias name 1MB and I like to make rock oriented music with some synthesizers layered on top, I don't sing so there is no lyrics included. I've been working on these songs for quite some time using garageband. If you'd like, please send me some critiques, share these songs if you like them. I'd greatly appreciate it.

A Town in Trouble -

The Monster Said Hi -

Psycho Center -

Check out my youtube page for more songs, I'm currently working on an album that many of these songs will be included.