That song sounds so Polysics. It's undeniably Hayashi's style. It even uses speak and spell samples like he has used before (Polysics or die!!!, Toisu non stop)


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Just remembered the board when listening to my polysics collection.  Sad to see it died out like this but happily surprised to see these small signs of life smile

I gave up after Weeeeeeeeee!!! The few things i've heard after that album had too many EDM influences. I feel the loss of Kayo made them rely on machines more, which allowed them to push the tempo up and layer more sounds into the songs. Sad that they didn't include some of their early work in this release.


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the video looks like the late years of perfume where they are burned out and do cocaine to keep the buzz going


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I don't know how to feel about this. I'm trying to love the band with every fiber of my being because of all the good times they have given me in the past.
But they have changed so much over the years, specially after Kayo left. It feels to me like they lost their spark.
Seeing the Amsterdam footage looks like they are phoning it in. Compared to their older live gigs it lacks the energy and rawness they once had.

Am I just overreacting here? Your input on this existential crisis is greatly apreciated tongue


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Just a heads up for all the eurotrash out here. Man or astro-man will be touring Europe this october.

And seeing as they are not skipping my country instead of playing umpteen festivals in France like Polysics, this is a welcome alternative big_smile


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wtf is up with all the gigs in France o_O they might as well call this their France Tour


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Oh yeah, I ran into this in class a few weeks ago, I forgot to post about it. I'm sure others have seen it too by now.
Thanks for the share big_smile


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Seeing as it's a UK/EU release, they might tour Europe. Although I might consider heading out to the UK if we could get some people from the board together big_smile


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I also know Hiro uses a few Moogerfooger effect pedals but don't ask me what models. I should probably dive into that video one of these days to get more details tongue


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It's SBV 550 not 350

I do know they had a video on one of their LE singles that they talked about the gear they used at the time. I believe it was eeeP, but not sure
It was pretty indepth.

These days Hiro also uses a Roland SH-201 on stage, the Gaia he uses to fool around with because those are newer and easier to replace than the SH-201 in case he would damage it.

A few years ago Hiro was also a guest on Rock Fujiyama, a Japanese music show hosted by Marty Friedman (Megadeth)
It's fun to watch, and near the 19min mark Hiro shows of a few of his guitars (Yamaha SX-800B, gretsch 6106 princess, Big Boss 1 (a modified fender telecaster) and his La Baye 2x4)

you can view it here … 5/55374550


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Just ran into this Japanese band named GalapagosS (like litteraly found them 5min ago, so I haven't found much of them yet tongue)

They're no Polysics substitute but they sound pretty interesting. And they have the somewhat matching visors


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I hope they'll make it to Belgium too. If not I'll be forced to cross the channel tongue


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I wouldn't say it's hard to get a hold off. I'd preorder their stuff the moment it was announced.

What I am annoyed with is their sudden drop in care for the international fans.
After Kayo left and they went on "hiatus" (which only lasted a couple of months so go figure) they pretty much ceased any form of promotion on an international level. The only form of communication they offered in English was them announcing some of their releases were available on itunes.
They never even gave some form of information why this happened. The only thing that came close was a paragraph of text near the bottom of a newsletter saying they wouldn't be touring any time soon.

People are WILLING to spend the money, but they don't seem to bother offering us something. Their tshirt shop for example is Japan only. They used to subcontract their tshirts to an online store. Something that would give the international fan some love and doesn't require any effort from them.

Now to add insult to injury they blocked their youtube channel to international viewers. They clearly have no broadcast right issues for the international market (they aren't marketing it on an international level, so I don't see why they'd sell the rights to a third party) so it seems completely crazy that they wouldn't open it up.

Their last 2 LE singles were a complete ripoff when it came to the extras, and the content of their latest single was horrendous. Everybody say no was doable, the rest was..... insulting?

I am sure 90% of this is due to mismanagement. But lately it feels more like a need to collect it all over buying it because I really enjoy what they are doing.

It's been fun while it lasted, but I'd prefer remebering the good times I had with Polysics than keep getting more frustrated every time.


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TheMongKey wrote:

I think I've reached the end of the road. It shouldn't be this hard to legally get hold of music by a band you love, and the Youtube block is just spiteful.

Sayonara, Polysics. I'm done. It was fun while it lasted.

I'm there with you. I've tried really hard the past couple of months, but the latest shit they (or their management) pulled sort of ended it for me. I'll just enjoy the old work of the band but I'm not putting any more cash in the new releases.


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I've tried and tried to like this, but I just can't.

For the love of god people, if you haven't heard the new versions of the songs then don't go there. You are not ready for this.


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Holy crap what have they done. KI.KA.I.DA sounds like it's a cover by Atari teenage riot. (ATR has SOME good songs but the majority is a godawful mess like KI.KA.I.DA)

The Watson reinterpretation isn't much better. When I was praying to hear a more gritty sounding Polysics I was thinking among the lines of synthpunk not digital hardcore.

brb I have a table to flip


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You know what to do with that CD 002, sharing is caring tongue


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While i'm not entirely sure how the inside of a megaphone works, i'm pretty sure it just amplifies the sound whereas a vocoder is far more complicated.

I won't be buying this release right away due to a bad case of the brokes. And I don't care about the LE this time around seeing how they screwed us last time. I am looking forward to more vocoder tho, you just can't have enough vocoder big_smile

I am now a wanted man in Japan xD


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well I never really looked to deep into track titles, it is Polysic after all tongue While i'm sure some of the songs are based on things they had in their mind at the time, in the end it's more about sound than meaning.

All I can think of right now is we can hope that colon is about :

Thanks for the link eye.
I'm currently trying to get it uploaded in 1080p but the copyright detection is a bit of a bitch. It really pisses me off too to see "Video blocked worldwide.".
So they'll claim copyright on a global level but will only limit the viewing to Japanese region ... that's just a dick move

I have given up on ripping that youtube channel, it is IMPOSSIBLE. Every software I tried will not work, no idea if this is because of the regionblock or not.

On the bright side however, someone else torrented the PV so enjoy

edit: and it's blocked due to copyright (DAMN YOU SONY!)
brb mirroring it

I'll look into the software you linked Ruth, thanks smile

as for the last point you talked on, I highly doubt that is the case. The channel is named polysicsSMEJ, SMEJ standing for Sony Music Entertainment Japan... and Sony are just dicks in general xD I think they just default to setting it regionlocked because they are responsible for that region and nothing else.

I don't completely agree with you Pupponvesh. I have to say I never noticed the repetitive drums that much, my focus usually goes to everything else but the drums xD

Honestly, I don't think the drums are the problem here. Yano does one hell of a job and in the end they are still drums. You can do many creative things with other instruments, but drums tend to be very narrow in their capabilities (I feel like i'll be proven wrong by someone soon xD)
The problem is that the synths are way to clean and that draws attention to the drums. The fact that they rely more on a sequencer just adds more repetitiveness. It really shows on the DVD where they play some of the older songs, the old gritty synths have been replaced with the sequencer churning out more complicated but repetitive patterns.

They need to think more about what they can do live on stage instead of what they can paste together in the studio and then press play on stage. I would love seeing Fumi on the microKORG again to pick up the loss of Kayo. Remove some of the blips and bloops and get those synths whaling.

That being said, I do enjoy these songs. Lucky star is surprisingly catchy and is quite enjoyable underneath the bleeps and bloops. Fumi did a great job on the vocals.

as for the upcoming single, the 2 updated songs are Watson and KI KA I DA. KI KA I DA, not really excited to hearing those. I predict lots of bleeps and bloops.